A quick rant about mod compatibility

Another pet peeve: author saying mods aren’t compatible when they are… or the other way around! In most cases it’s either they don’t fundamentally understand how compatibility works in the game of question, in some cases it’s because they don’t have any idea what the mod actually does. Either shows a lack of understanding… please at the very minimum look at the mod in TES5edit before making any claims!

What’s even better is if they claim a particular implementation is compatible, but that other one isn’t.

When it’s the same implementation.


Hai Unique Dragon Names, I’m looking at you!

Yes, Unique Dragon Names and Real Names use exactly the same implementation. SetDisplayName()

Is that implementation compatible with Dragon Combat Overhaul, which requires dragons to have “dragon” in the name in order to work?

Apollodown says it does not work.

Zim says it does. The CK wiki says it does, since Apollodown is actually calling the alias with GetName() and not the display name.

Someone has to actually test this to know the real answer, but no one has! Probably apollodown was wrong/high/whatever when he said it didn’t work, but that’s not something I’d want to bank proper DCO function on.

If you’re still in doubt, you can freely use Real Names. Simply edit “dragon” out of the list of things for it to change in the ini file.

Also, Nir Shor’s Musical Lore totally needs a patch for any music mod. Don’t believe the descriptions. Look for yourself in TES5edit, and remember the Rule of One.
UPDATE: Nellshini actually tested. DCO and Real Names work perfectly together. Don’t trust apollodown.


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