Scripts are good, mmkay?

There are 10x as many scripts in the vanilla game as there is in even a pretty heavy load order. Yes, mod scripts are likely to be doing much heavier things, things papyrus was not built to do particularly well. And modders aren’t all professional programmers and may make pretty bad scripts sometimes.

But overall, scripts aren’t out to eat your save games and shit on your bed. They’re an essential part of everything from dialogue and quests to casting a spell to that really cool swirling wind effect when Alduin shows up. Not to mention freezing/starving to death, draining stamina, placing weapons on your back, putting snowberries on a bookshelf, and so on and so forth.

So when I see someone say they heard “there’s a limit of only three or four scripted mods in a stable game” a single tear rolls down my cheek.

It’s like not eating baklava because you think it has fish in it.

Oh, and all my time troubleshooting, I’ve seen maybe 10 CTDs caused by scripts, and those were really, really obvious.

Even if scripts are badly written, they do not cause CTDs. Stack dumps, scripts failing to calculate, lag, save bloat, and even (eventually) save corruption can be caused by scripts, but just a straight-up CTD is exceedingly rare. The vast majority of people will never see a CTD caused by a haywire script.

If you are crashing, do not show me your papyrus log. Period. It is not relevant. I do want to see your memory blocks log though.

If you have some other issue that is not crashing, you can go ahead and share (your entire) papyrus log. Read this first though.


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