Welcome to ESO! Part 1a: Should I play ESO?

Should I buy this game?

Why are you asking me? I have around 1000 hours in this game, of course I think you should buy it.

More seriously:

  • Have you ever played MMOs before? Do you enjoy them?

If the answer is yes, you should pick up ESO. It’s a fantastic MMO. From a unique economy system (trading is done from guilds with a 500 player cap, more on that later), to massive open-world pvp (but only if you choose it – no ganking noobs!) to fully voice acted quests in a beautiful, explorable world, to challenging end game content for all levels of skill (from the normal dungeons and trials that anyone can faceroll with enough time, to the veteran hardmode trials that something like 1% of players have completed), this really has all the crucial features.

  • Do you enjoy TES lore?

This game doesn’t really have TES gameplay. The gameplay is much more similar to an MMO – while it has very strong exploration elements, and important aspects such as the ability to use any armor and weapons on any class or race, people who really liked the dice rolling in morrowind or the casting system in Oblivion will be disappointed. But most people don’t really play TES for the gameplay – they play it for the story.

ESO has story in spades. Want to explore Elsweyr, Blackmarsh, and Valenwood? You can get lost for hours on end there. Want to revisit your favorite locations from the single player games? See them re-imagined in the second era. Want to experience hundreds of hours of quests ranging from simply helping a pair of dying lovers re-experience their courtship, to knocking apart some crystals for the billionth time (it’s not TES without a fetch quest), to some of the most epic daedra-slaying that Oblivion has ever seen? It has that.

I know that a lot of people are worried about the time commitment, but the truth is ESO is very friendly towards players who have limited time or play for bursts at a time. New content comes about once a quarter, but with the way they’ve set up the scaling, you can experience it at any time. You never have to worry about falling behind your friends on levels or trying to catch up to them in the first place. With the buy to play system, you’re not paying for a game you might not be playing all the time like with WoW.


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