List of grievances I would love ZOS to address (Draft)

Picking some nits:

  • My buddy couldn’t summon his banker in my house. I don’t have a banker. Fix pls.
  • Logging out in the house should be instant (fixed in 3.0.0).
  • Logging out in Belkarth should be instant.
  • Logging out at the wayshrine in Wayrest should be instant.
  • Logging out at the undaunted refuges should be instant.
  • There are probably some other places that need to be fixed too. Instant logouts pls.
  • The length of time between scenes in Belkarth and Rawlka should be increased. (Yeah, yeah, cry ZOS a river, maybe I’ll float out of Craglorn).
  • The provisioning writ for psijic ambrosia only grants 10 vouchers, but requires you to craft 8 of them. It should require only 1 (which puts it on par with similar gear writs), or grant more like 30 vouchers. Right now it’s 23k cost to craft which is insane (much higher cost per voucher than anything).
  • Mount walking: Character sits up straight, looks confident. Good riding position. Mount running: Character is crouched over like a jockey but not so high in the saddle. Looks uncomfortable. Pls gib mount walking animation for faster speeds.


  • Certain furnishing patterns exist but do not drop. Others drop so rarely that they might as well not. I don’t know what you did to screw up the leveled lists (really, leveled lists are not that hard, see my previous post), but fix pls. I need my common teapot. I needs it.
  • Dungeon finder. How hard can it be? How did you even manage to break it between 1T and homestead? You didn’t touch it! (PS in case you never use the dungeon finder, here’s what happens:
    • You queue for a dungeon. There are no tanks and few healers queuing, so if you are a dps, it takes an hour or two to get a group.
      • This could be fixed by giving bonus rewards for tanks and healers queuing, like every other MMO with a queue has realized is necessary.
    • When you hit accept, half the time you get “group is not viable”. Now I was assuming this just meant that someone else didn’t accept, but apparently it means ZOS put 3 dps and a healer in a group and then went “psych”. If this is actually the case… wtf.
      • Why are you even attempting to put a group together if people can’t do the roles.
    • You land in the dungeon. The game immediately tells you you are not in your group’s instance and starts teleporting you out. This is the new bug. This happens even though you can see your group right there goddamnit.
    • At this point, at least one group member (usually the tank, of course), doesn’t realize that you can just… you know… teleport back into the dungeon and do the damn thing.
    • Once you do manage to get four people in the same instance you quickly realize:
      • The tank has either way too little (less than 25k) or way too much (more than 35k) health to do their role. The latter is preferable because at least it means they’re thinking about tanking even if they have no idea of how to go about it. The former is usually a dps who queued as tank.
      • Alternatively, one of the other three simply has no idea how their role works at all.
      • At least one of the members has never seen a soul gem in their life.
      • At least one member has less than 16k health (if it’s vet) and refuses to eat food.
      • No one admits they’ve never been there before so you can explain the fights to them. Eventually you wipe on a boss, and someone goes “yeah I don’t know this fight”. Thanks dude. You could have told me before we wiped.
    • Despite all this, you eventually completed the dungeon. If you queued for a random dungeon, you would now expect to get undaunted rewards. However apparently these don’t always get mailed out. gg.
    • Now, I don’t know the technical basis for the technical issues. I’m sure it’s all fixable, because it worked correctly before, and it works correctly in every other game I’ve played.
    • For the societal/game knowledge issues, there are a few fixes.
      • The afore-mentioned bonus for tanks. of course this will exacerbate not-tanks queuing as tanks. So, some ideas:
        • Require that a character have equipped, before they queue:
          • as tank, they must have a useable taunt spell on their bar. Period. Frost staff doesn’t count. Or, this would be easier to code, they must have a sword and shield, or a frost staff, equipped on at least one bar.
          • As healer, they must have a single resto staff equipped.
          • As dps, they must have one weapon that is not a resto staff or a frost staff or a sword and board (one bar can be. We encourage different builds, after all).
          • Downsides: would discourage/prevent dual queueing. :-/
          • Downsides: Entirely technical. Doesn’t fix social aspects or game knowledge problems. Likely to lead to all kinds of horrible bugs.
      • For all of the above… give good kick reasons. And make kicks stack.
        • Kick reasons should include:
          • “not performing selected role”
          • “rude”
          • “afk”
          • “Insufficient Skill” (like in other games, this is a fake kick. It does remove the person from the dungeon, but never gives a cooldown timer or counts against the player. Perfect for when you get a level 10 in nCoS).
        • By stacking I mean:
          • If you leave, you always get a 15 minute timer.
          • The first time you get kicked, no timer. You can queue again immediately.
          • The second time you get kicked within a 4 hour period, you get a 15 minute timer before you can requeue.
          • Every subsequent kick, the timer  increases by 5 minutes. (So by kick 5 you’re waiting 30 minutes before you can queue again).
          • The timer slowly decays. So if it took you 12 hours to build up a 30 minute timer, it will be another 12 hours of not getting kicked before you’re back to no timer. Or something like that.
          • If you get kicked a lot, like, 10 times in 48 hours, you get a permanent debuff to your timer. (“permanent” – like a month or so of good behavior = it goes away).
          • Numbers subject to someone who actually does game design to work out.
        • Encourage people to actually ask questions if they don’t know. Like on loading screen tips. Or the first time they join a dungeon they haven’t been in, Flash across their screen “Haven’t been here? Be sure to ask the other players for advice!”
  • Minor Staminasteal
  • Built in text search for guild stores
  • Increased furnishing limit for large houses. For small and medium the existing limits are fine. For large it’s like “I paid 3x the price for… 100 more items. Yay.” It just straight up takes more items to decorate a house that’s 5x the size. Fancy that. Also having the same player limits for large and medium houses is a copout. Oh, and crown store houses are even more bigger and they’re exclusives so, like, they should have a super special item limit.
  • Provisioning and Alchemy writs. I shouldn’t need to craft cp 100 food for my master provisioning writs. Oh, and I shouldn’t need nirnroot Fix pls.

Big things

  • The bidding system for guild stores needs a complete rework.
  • Cyrolag.
  • Gear cap
  • 2H weapons
  • Hard normals
  • Training dungeon

Oops need to set up my experiment. BBL.





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