No, I haven’t forgotten about Skyrim

I just… don’t want to play it.

Maybe with the exciting news of Last Seed nearing completion (I’ve been waiting for that longer than most of ya’ll have modded skyrim, ya noobs), I’ll crack it open again. My modlist needs to be redone from scratch… again… even if I do play on original, I kind of fucked it up big time messing around with stuff for various testing, mod picker, etc. and I like starting with a clean slate so I can actually remember what I did.

(Luckily, I documented what where I was going and how I was getting there heavily, last time around, so it won’t be hard to build it up again, especially considering some new thoughts I have about…. how many mods I really need. Not that I can ever say no to adding one more).

The biggest thing stuck in my craw right now is SSE vs. Original Skyrim. I just can’t decide.

Special Edition


  • Rain Occlusion
  • Better performance, particularly with regards to memory (not that I had issues with memory in original once I got crash fixes working, but y’know, it helps).
  • Some cool new mods I haven’t taken apart yet
  • Cool new water effects (flow and waves)


  • Some godawful godrays everyone goes on about (they’re seriously ugly)
  • No good choices for mod manager (After thinking it over I think I would end up installing mods with MO, taking the resulting folder, zipping it, and then dropping that into bash. Sounds… awkward.
  • Weirdass snow sparkles

Original Skyrim


  • Parallax
  • Subsurface Scattering
  • Search bar in inventory
  • Crafting UI
  • Grimy’s Utilities, various other mods that will never be ported
  • CK actually works right
  • MCM for easy mod configuration


  • Very few new mods coming out
  • Have to use heavy ass ENB for good AO and so forth.
  • Performance tends to chug a bit after I add my 15th new city mod/overhaul and 5th NPC-adding mod

So you see my problem.

Still, there are a few outstanding projects that I would like to get back to. Maybe if I put them here people will bug me to do them. I would be doing these in the original CK and then, if possible, porting to SSE.

The weapon and armor overhaul to end them all

I’m sick of finding cool new weapon and armor mods and being like “well, this is just more crafting station clutter.” Not what I need. Stuff like dragonglass armor should be earned with blood. So I put it on a leveled list. Dropping at level 50+ I think. It was cool. Bandit bosses could use it, so even if you didn’t want to use it yourself, you’d get to see it which is the whole point. Problems?

  • I never get past level 30 anyways, so kind of a waste of time
  • While the esp for that (and the other few I’ve finished) are available on the respective mod pages, making them into an all-in-one would be for-my-use-only.
  • Turns out this is the single most tedious thing I could ever have chosen to do. It’s awful.
  • Weapons cost nothing to exist, but calculating them on the leveled lists might actually have a minute performance cost.

The Botanist’s Guide to Skyrim Mods

I already drafted this. It’s a lot of mods to compare. Several of them aren’t even available anymore. Yay… Most aren’t on SSE. I already know the answer for my own information…


Poor forgotten Markarth. No good overhauls. Lots of good dwemer resources. I have ideas. Problem is, it would be like 40 hours just to learn how to implement them. Time I don’t really have. (In case you’re wondering it, it took all of 15 minutes to write this post while babysitting an experiment).

  • Greatly expand the market at the front of the town.
  • Add more shops and homes hanging off the walls of the canyon.
  • Do something with the abandoned house after the Molag Bal quest is done.
  • Weekly market outside the city gates? Maybe not possible. Maybe on hiatus due to the forsworn problem. Hmmm….
  • Expand the warrens
  • Basement in the inn
  • Expand the guard quarters
  • Use the space on the south side of town better….?
  • Add passage to High Rock?



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