What do I do with all this crap in my inventory?

You send it to me, duh.

Ok, more seriously. You’re in the middle of a delve, trying to get some fat loots off a boss you just killed, and your inventory is full. Again. How do people do it?!

Probably a bit late for you now – but number one priority on a new character – go visit the bag merchant. There’s one in Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard, and Davon’s Watch. The first 10 slots is 400 gold – Basically free. The second 10 slots is 2000 gold… a bit more pricey but still worth it. After that – if it’s your first character, save for your horse (10k gold) so you can do riding training regularly. If it’s a later character, keep upgrading inventory as much as you can without going broke.

But again, that doesn’t help you now. I need to get that belt off that boss!

Here’s what your inventory probably looks like, eh?

Inventory screen 1

Ok maybe yours isn’t as fancy. I have the filters across the top added by “Advanced Filters”. There are also useful icons added by CraftStore, and you’ll see in a bit price information added by one of two mods (Tamriel Trade Center and Master Merchant) which can help with this dilemma quite a bit.

Still you can see some of the cruft that’s clogging up my inventory and preventing me from claiming my rewards! Mats, consumables, trophies and gear.

Let’s start with the gear:

inventory screen 2.png

First check: Is anything better than what I’m actually wearing? If so, equip it. Right now you can see this new axe has slightly higher damage than my old sword. So I should equip it. (Actually my old sword is better because it has the sharpened trait which is better than decisive, but that’s out of the scope of this post).

We need to free up space right now, so let’s check if anything has no value.

inventory screen 3

Gear with no gold value is actually straight up zero value. It gives almost no experience and no mats when deconstructed; it has no value to other players. It should be deleted. I think we found the space we need to loot that boss! (but let’s keep going).

Other items with zero value might actually have value to you or to other players – potentially a lot of value. So don’t use that as a general rule – it only is true for gear.

There are two special traits that change how you use a piece. Intricate and ornate gear is useless to wear but especially valuable for when you get back to town. Intricate gear gives triple crafting experience and materials from deconstruction – essential to leveling skills! (Even if you think you’ll never ever do crafting, you can usually sell intricate gear to other players that are trying to level it). Ornate gear sells for triple price to merchants, so save this to vendor later.

Set gear might be worth saving depending on the set. These two pieces are useless, but especially at cp 160 (max level), sets can be worth a loooot of gold. Usually it’s safest to hang onto those and sort it out when you have free time.

All other gear:

  • Greens and whites actually vendor for more than the value of the mats and exp you get from deconstructing them. If you’re desperate for crafting exp, you can decon them; if you’re low on gold, vendor them. Usually vendoring is the better choice.
  • Blue and purple items are much more valuable to deconstruct and should always be deconstructed if they are not useful to you.
  • Jewelry cannot be deconstructed – if it is not useful to you and is not a purple set item (purple set items = value, all other = worthless), then vendor it. (nb: this will change in summerset).


inventory screen 4

Food is very very important to staying alive. Ideally you’d run food that gives health + mag or health + stam from a crafter, but at low levels that can be pricey as the recipes are more rare. Failing that, hang onto some white food that gives a useful stat. Just one stack though. The rest can be deleted – it doesn’t even vendor for enough to be worth hanging on to.

Recipes and motifs: These could potentially be very valuable, but you have to know what you’re looking at. If it’s purple or gold, it’s definitely valuable. Purple motifs books like daedric typically go for around 1-2k. Purple recipes go for like 15k or more. Blue motif books only go for around 100 g. Blue recipes are a lot more variable – that Pattern: Breton Rug, Starburst is worth around 5k, but some others I’ve gotten were only worth 300g. This is where tamriel trade centre comes in handy to know what you’re looking at. (Master Merchant is better if you’re already in an active trade guild).

The green recipes typically go for around 35 gold. The green design there is worth around 200.

Usually I just learn green recipes on whatever character I find them on, but save the others for my dedicated crafter.

Dropped potions are very useful, even at max level. Keep a one of each type at your level on your quickslots. Ones not at your level can be vendored. Dropped poisons are useless and only good for vendoring.

Mats. Here is where it gets confusing.

inventory screen 5.png

The easiest way to deal with mats is to get the ESO+ subscription which gives you the craft bag. Then you can just stockpile forever. But that’s not feasible for a lot of people.

I’m planning a more in depth article on inventory management at end game, but for now, here’s a general idea.

One option for the leveling character is to find a patron. You mail them all the mats you get and they pay you either at a fixed rate (say 10% below MM) or a flat weekly fee.

Failing that:

Blacksmithing, Clothier, and Woodworking mats are all the same. Raw mats are a lot more valuable than refined ones. They’re all valuable and worth hanging onto. If you’re leveling crafting keep a stack at your level; sell the rest to other players. Save the upgrade materials.

Trait materials (like sardonyx) have basically no value, but can be difficult to buy. You don’t really need them at low level unless you’re crafting for yourself.

Style items (like bone) are pretty valuable (15g per item or more), but can be purchased from the vendors. Keep one stack so you can craft for writs and so on; sell the rest to other players.

Alchemy mats are always valuable. Mushrooms and most herbs run around 50 per. Some particularly in demand herbs run a lot higher. This changes based on the patch. Right now it’s namira’s rot, corn flower, lady’s smock, and columbine. They are all worth around 250 per.

Enchanting mats: Aspect runes (Ta, Jejota, Denata, Rekuta, Kuta) are valuable based on their quality. Ta is worth nothing. Delete it unless you need it for writs. Kuta is worth around 2.5k – sell this! Essence runes are pretty much all worth nothing (unless you get a Hakiejo in imperial city). Potency runes are actually pretty valuable. Keep the ones at your level and sell the others to other players.

Provisioning mats are all worthless (5-10g per) Hang onto what you can to level provisioning, but if you need to make space don’t hesitate to delete them. One exception – Flour. That’s worth 20 g apiece.

Furnishing mats are considered provisioning mats for some reason. Hang onto them all if you want to make your house pretty. For selling, hang into bast, heartwood, decorative wax, and mundane rune; toss alchemical resin, regulus, and clean pelt.

inventory screen 6.png

Last screen. This will be least interesting at low levels. Treasure maps and surveys can be thrown in your bank until max level when they are more valuable. You can also sell treasure maps to other players for around 200-300 gold. Don’t delete them – they really can be worth quite a bit, especially if you get lucky.

There are three kinds of vendor trash: The super obvious grey kind. NO duh you vendor that. Treasures from stealing and pickpocketing – the only use these have is to sell to a vendor. Just make sure they’re really treasures and not furnishings or patterns, which are very valuable! and Trophies. Trophies are for achievements; once they’ve entered your inventory you have credit and you should vendor them.

Always keep a supply of soul gems and lockpicks handy. If you have more than 200 filled soul gems you should vendor the extras (or save for alts); lockpicks should be deleted as they have no vendor value.

Quest items do not count against your item limit!

Happy looting.

(P.S. The item the boss dropped turned out to suck)


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