What’s the difference between 2H and DW

Shamelessly stolen from Discord for the purposes of preserving this lovely comparison for posterity

How much of a dps loss is 2H compared to DW for stamDK?

You lose a significant amount of stats, a set bonus, and the 2H skills are flatly worse.

HatchetHaro Today at 1:02 AM

while the dps difference is kinda large, i can say that it can still be viable for vet dungeons
i’m theorycrafting it up right now, will have some results and parses in a moment
HatchetHaroToday at 2:29 AM
Here’s a parse in a quick 2H build
currently at 250ms ping in my conditions, so i think i might be able to reach 36k when i get back to the US with 100ms ping instead
in comparison, here is a parse in my typical DW/bow setup, same conditions
esostamdkparse19would probably be 43k in better ping
here’s my build and CP for my parse
2H bar: Venomous Claw, Brawler, Razor Caltrops, Rearming Trap, Executioner, Flawless Dawnbreaker
Bow bar: Molten Armaments, Poison Injection, Endless Hail, Noxious Breath, Flames of Oblivion, Standard of Might
Rotation: HA > Venomous Claw > HA > Brawler > LA > Razor Caltrops > LA > Rearming Trap > barswap > LA > Endless Hail > LA > Poison Injection > LA > Noxious Breath > LA > Flames of Oblivion (> LA > Molten Armaments) (> LA > Standard of Might)
When you refresh Molten Armaments or cast Standard of Might, replace a Heavy Attack with a Light Attack
At 25%, start replacing Brawler with Executioner. At 15%, start replacing Venomous Claw with Executioner. At 5%, replace Heavy attacks with LA > Executioner > LA and drop Flames of Oblivion
Just a quick setup without much maths going into the execute phase, so if you find better timings, do let me know.
So, do I actually recommend doing this? Hell no
But if you want to, it’s definitely viable.

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