This is a place for me to share my thoughts about gaming, modding, the community, and any other random thing that strikes me.

If I bother to write it up, that is.

Content here does not represent /r/skyrimmods, Mod Picker, or any other organization I am associated with. They are entirely my own. (That’s usually the case anyways but sometimes I speak officially. Never will I do so here).

In theory lots of random thoughts about mod making, modding mods, using mods, interacting with other modders, will make their way here, in a way that’s a bit easier to search and a bit easier to read than your typical reddit post.

I’ve got a very, very, very long list of saved reddit posts, forums, etc. I refer back to all the time. It’s almost impossible for someone to find those posts without knowing exactly what they’re looking for. I hope that by putting them all in one spot, it’ll be easier for everyone to find something they didn’t know before.

Also blogs are supposed to be entertaining. So I’ll write in a way that entertains me. If it entertains you, I’ve fully succeeded.