Blacksmithing/Clothing/Woodworking Guide

Gear that you wear has seven properties:

  • Type
    • Heavy vs light vs medium
    • dagger vs sword vs axe etc.
  • Level
    • Gear will always drop at your level
    • You craft gear at a particular level by using the correct material (jute vs cotton) and more of the material for higher level (i.e. 8 jute = level 1 robe 9 jute = level 4 robe).
    • To use higher level materials you have to increase your crafting rank with skill points.
  • Appearance (Style)
    • You learn to craft gear in different styles by learning motifs. More information on motifs can be found here.
    • Crafting in a particular style requires the right style stone. The base 10 style stones can be purchased from the vendor right next to the crafting station.
    • You cannot change the style of existing gear (whether crafted or dropped). You can only cover it up with an outfit or costume.
  • Trait
    • You learn to craft gear in different traits by researching traits.
    • Crafting in traits requires trait stones, which come from refining raw materials.
    • You can only change traits of existing items through transmutation.
  • Set
    • Some sets are crafted, some are dropped. You cannot change the set. You cannot craft dropped sets, and crafted sets will not drop.
    • To craft a set you must know traits. For example if you want to craft a set of Sabatons of the Hist Bark you must know four traits on heavy feet items. Knowing four traits across all of heavy armor doesn’t help you.
    • You have to be at the correct station to craft sets. For example if you want to craft Hist Bark you have to be at the Hist Bark Crafting station in Rivenspire, Shadowfen, Greenshade, or someone’s house.
  • Quality
    • Quality is upgraded with improvement materials, often called tempers.
    • You can upgrade the quality of any item if you have enough tempers.
  • Enchantment
    • If you upgrade the quality of a dropped item, the enchantment quality also goes up.
    • Enchantments can be added or changed by re-enchanting the gear.
    • Weapon enchants must be recharged with soul gems.
    • If you change the enchant on the piece of gear, or if the item is crafted, the enchant quality will not be improved when you improve the gear.
    • Enchant quality can be different than item quality i.e. you get the full value of a gold enchant even on a purple piece of gear.

Focusing on the gearcrafting skills allows you to craft gear of any type that has any of these properties.


When you are leveling gearcrafting you should do a few things.

Focus on research

Your top priority should be to research traits you do not know so that you can craft sets and gear in any trait. Try to research useful traits first such as divines, infused, and training, but if you don’t have items in useful traits it doesn’t really matter what you craft.

You should get enough items you can use for research from normal adventuring. If you cannot find an item with the trait you need for research check guild stores, or ask in your own guild, zone chat, or an active ESO discord. Except for nirnhoned items, research items are very cheap to make and most people are happy to do it for free.

The way research works is that the first item in any slot takes 6 hours, the next 12, etc. So to research sturdy sabatons takes 6 hours. If you want to then research impenetrable sabatons, it will take 12. If you want to research an impenetrable cuirass instead, it will still only take 6.

The last two traits on an item can take 30 days or more! So plan ahead and don’t leave the traits you really want to know for last.

There are several ways to improve research times:

  • Passives improve research times and cap research at 30 days.
  • You can buy scrolls from other players that take one day off your research timers. These scrolls cost around 3k gold and can be used once every 20 hours.
  • ESO+ reduces research times by 10%.

It takes a few months to learn 6 traits on every item. 6 traits is all you need for the most common gear sets, however keep working towards 9 traits over time as some valuable gear sets do require 9 traits!


You should deconstruct every item you don’t want to wear, sell, or research. This is the most efficient way to level crafting and gives you a fair amount of mats to boot.

You can buy items to deconstruct but this shouldn’t be necessary. Normal adventuring should give you plenty of items to keep your crafting on par with your character level. I found that less than a week’s worth of questing and dungeons granted enough max level gear to level a character to 50 in each skill.

Higher level gear gives more exp, as does higher quality gear. There is also a special trait called “intricate” that increases the exp and mats granted from deconstruction.

The exp you get from deconstruction is capped. So for example at level 5 you won’t get more than ~6000 exp from deconstructing any item no matter how good it is. At level 6 you’ll get a bit more. For this reason you may want to deconstruct cheaper, low level items at low level crafting and save the high level items for when you are level 30+.

More information on the caps and how much exp you can expect from each item is here:

If you want to level crafting fast you can purchase intricate items from other players. These typically go for about 200 gold and are commonly found on guild stores. You would need around 380-400 items to level this way and this would cost around 80k gold.






ESO Twitch Drops and you

You might have seen some chatter about ESO twitch drop crates and, if you’re like most of the players I’ve talked to, you have no idea what that means because most ESO Players don’t really do streams and most MMOs don’t do twitch drops.

So here’s the tl;dr for how to get sweet loot with no effort.

  1. Make a twitch account. Link it to your ESO account. Instructions are here.
  2. Go to Twitch’s page for ESO.
  3. Look for streams that say something about twitch drops.
  4. Click on a stream. It’ll have a green message that says “twitch drops enabled!” if you linked correctly and the stream has drops.
  5. You can now mute the stream and leave it running. You do not have to look at it. Of course if you want to actually watch the stream great! But if not that’s ok. Just don’t pause it. You have to have it open at least five minutes to get a drop, or so I heard. But probably safest to leave it open til the end.

It’s not 100% that you get a crate, but if you do, you will get an email from ZOS saying you got one. The next time you log in it will be in your crown crate menu.

It seems you can get one drop per day. The day resets at midnight Eastern time. So there’s no point in watching a ton of streams. Watching for a stream for at least five minutes is enough to (potentially) get a drop.

The twitch drop crates contain only consumables, with a rare chance of getting a unique mount or matching pet. However, the consumables can be converted to gems, which can be used to purchase the normal crate offerings! Therefore, this is a way to get free gems with no effort at all, and pretty consistently too. You’ll get at least four gems per crate (unless you get the mount or pet, in which case you’ll get 3 gems…). That means after a couple days worth of streams you’ll be able to buy a pyandonean motif page or some other cheap shiny.


ESO Healing guide

General rules of thumb:

  • Your goal is to 1. keep the group alive 2. stay alive 3. Buff the group as much as possible and make sure they have enough stam/mag to keep doing their thing. 4. do damage
  • Keeping the tank alive and happy is your #1 priority since if tank dies everyone dies.
  • Stack max magicka. Healing spells scale with both spell power and max magicka, and they can crit. However, max magicka lets you not run out of magicka, whereas spell power doesn’t, also healing spells tend to scale a bit more strongly with magicka and less with spell power than damage spells. 35-40k is good for a max cp set up character.
  • Magicka regen is your second most important stat. Most healers end up at around 1500. For progression content (aka learning) you may have 2000-2200.
  • Wear 5 to 7 light armor. In current meta 7 light armor is all most people can do, 6-1 for certain builds. in summerset meta 5-1-1 will probably be more meta. Large pieces should be infused and small pieces should be divines (however infused is also ok if htat’s what drops) – use one resto staff and one destro staff. Trait does not actually matter that much since most traits can be good for healing. resto can be powered, defending, infused, precise, even decisive. destro can be powered, charged, infused, precise, defending – infused jewelry with cost reduction seems like it’s gonna be summerset meta unless they change it (they’re totally gonna change it)

Crafted sets: None of the crafted sets are BiS (best in slot) but they are a perfectly fine place to start
  • Seducers – tons of magicka regen
  • kagrenacs – good sustain, gives spell power, makes ressing even moar faster
  • julianos – good all-around set, but you may have trouble with sustain
Overland sets I seriously can’t think of any overland sets worth running
Dungeon sets
  • Spell Power Cure – this is the best set for healing bar none. Every single healer should be wearing this at all times. Really. (In Summerst you may use Olorime’s instead depending on content)
  • Jorvuld’s – This is a fantastic healing set, it makes you group buffs last longer which is very strong. It’s likely that most healers will be wearing this all the time for most content
  • Worm – this got a few nerfs and with changes to sustain isn’t that strong anymore. However it is incredibly easy to farm and a good set to wear for four-mans if they have two magdps.
Trials sets
  • Mending – Again this is a once must-have set that’s in the process of losing favor. It does increase your group survivability, and usually one healer runs this in trials. You have to stand pretty close to the enemy for it to work.
  • Infallible Aether – since healers heavy attack a lot this is an easy way to maximize minor vulnerability up time. However all shock damage provides minor vulnerability so if your magdps are running asylum staves or are sorcs you should have very good uptime without this.
  • Twilight Remedy – while this is a pretty good set it never gained much favor and with the psijic skill line will become even less popular. There just aren’t enough synergies available to dps to keep good minor force uptime and dps have more consistent ways of getting it (such as guard skill)
  • Olorime – gives same buff as spc but under different conditions
Monster sets In the current meta healers do not run monster sets as 2 5 pc sets gives a larger bonus to the group. However with summerset healers will be able to run a monster set alongside two five piece sets. You will get one medium piece and one heavy piece of each set, it doesn’t matter which is which.
  • Earthgore – big healing and removes an aoe. very strong even after repeated nerfs
  • Bogdan the Nightflame – very strong healing.
  • domihaus – the one piece set is very strong if you do not want to run 2 pc of a monster set.
  • lord warden – good to wear this if tank is not or if tank is far away from the group
Weapon sets:
  • Asylum staff – even imperfect asylum is very good for your sustain
  • Master staff – you have to be very close to the group for this to proc, not favored
@Magicboten you didn’t even include orbs smh
orbs is the msot important healing skill
besides springs
orbs and springs
And prayer
gonna do skills by skill line to keep it organized. Non-class skills first then templar class skills

REEEEEEEEEEE orbs are for sustain

yes… exactly.


I didn’t included blockade either

For the same reason


And 1500 regen is hard to run if you’re not an argonian


Destruction staff skills: (forgot to say it but you will run a lightning staff)
  • Elemental Blockade (wall of elements morph) – this procs off-balance on all concussed enemies when using a lightning staff. off-balance increases resources restored from heavy attack and makes most people in your group do 10% more damage from the “exploiter” cp node.
  • Elemental Drain (weakness to elements morph) – minor magicka steal = hella sustain. No cast time = easy to keep up on all the targets
  • Elemental rage, in some 4-mans healer running this keeps adds from getting out of hand.
  • Crushing shock – again in some four mans your idiot dps don’t’ interrupt, this helps you interrupt easily without getting out of position.


In vCoS, crushing shock is hella Mandatory


Helps in HRC too


Restoration staff skills:
  • Healing springs (grand healing morph) – this is your #1 heal. You can cast it constantly and it stacks and heals everyone in your group for like 7k per second.
  • Combat Prayer – this is your #2 heal. Keep minor berserk up on all your dps for maximum damage and shortest dungeons The other skills are all situational or good for pvp but should be skilled just in case.


Yes, and got some use in vFang
Combat prayer is heal :thonk:

Dragon Duchess of Dreams04/17/2018

Yeah, vFH HM, gotta interrupt his necrotic blasts


  • max light armor passives…
  • mage’s guild: skill magelight and the passives, if you have space in your bars this can increase your max magicka more, same with meteor
  • undaunted: energy orb is your #3 healing skill, it restores resources to whoever uses the synergy and heals for a ton as well. Keep your group well-stocked with orbs! get all the passives too



  • Aggressive warhorn – major force and 10% max stats = primo dps buff. Rotate with the tank to maximize uptime.
  • purge – this is absolutely required in some dungeons and completely useless in most. morph to efficient purge.
  • Guard – morphed to stalwart guard this gives one of your squishies minor force and some survivability. needs to be double slotted though and probably not that useful since they can use trap/acceleration for this buff.

  • Luminous Shards – restores even more resources to your allies when synergized and does dps too. crucial skill.
  • Nova – this greatly decreases the damage enemies deal, crucial for surviving certain fights.
  • You should also have one of the other skills for the prism and illuminate passives, sunfire, either backlash morph, and radiant destruction all work
  • Rushed Ceremony – either morph of this is good, breath of life is favored. This is your “oh shit”. some people joke that BoL is only for the tank (if they take a lot of damage) Cleaning Ritual – either morph is good although the one that heals more is favored. cheap way to keep a bit of healing up on everyone and provide synergies to the tank. However, you shouldn’t use it in place of purge as it is not a consistent source of purge.
  • Channeled focus – this is big magicka recovery and defenses. very stronk
  • Betty netch – restores magicka and provides ult when cast, what more do you need? enchanted grove – a major “oh shit” button, massive heals for a very low ult cost, also restores ult which is nice
  • Enchanted growth, also helps with sustain for your allies
  • budding seeds – a major “oh shit” heal
  • lotus blossom – can be pretty decent healing depending on the fight
  • frost cloak – major buff to group
  • permafrost – gives your allies massive protection, another nice “oh shit” button


Northern storm over permafrost
In pve
Also leeching vines provides minor lifesteal

ESO Etiquette Tips

  • Materials, heavy sacks, and chests (collectively referred to as nodes) in zones, delves, and public dungeon are shared. That means everyone harvests the same nodes you do, if you harvest it they can’t.

  • This also means that if you leave worms behind, that person finds only worms instead of cloth.

  • Leaving items behind in a material node or chest prevents it from respawning. Even if you don’t want the item, loot it and delete it. Don’t leave it behind.

  • It is incredibly rude to take a node if someone else is fighting mobs next to it.

  • Crates, barrels, dolmen chests, etc. are personal. That means even if you loot them, someone else can too.

  • In group dungeons and trials everyone in the group can loot heavy sacks and chests. If you see one it is polite to alert the group.

  • In Cyrodiil, if someone holds or taps the block key and doesn’t attack you, they don’t want to fight. They may be there for skyshards or quests rather than PvP. It’s rude to kill them. Just tap the block back or emote something so they know you understand.

  • In Cyrodiil, it’s rude to kill people who are fishing or collecting skyshards. Let them get their achievements and focus on targets that can actually fight back.

  • Make sure you know what is expected of your role in dungeons. Don’t queue for roles you cannot fill. If you want to do unusual compositions (3 dps for example) do it with a pre-made group. (You can still get the random dungeon reward with a premade!)

  • If people are questing in your area, or trying to do a public dungeon, be patient and wait for them to kill any bosses, etc. This way they can get credit too and don’t have to wait for respawns (which can be slow). Same thing in dungeons, if someone is doing hte quest wait for them to talk to the quest giver. Remember all loot is personal so you don’t miss out on anything by killing NPCs together, even if you are not grouped.

  • Don’t harass the RPers, even if it’s hilarious to watch them react to your not-at-all in character actions.

Thallassa’s Guide to Dungeon Success

  1. Know the role you’re queued for. Don’t accidentally queue for roles you are not equipped to fulfill.

  2. If you are familiar with the fights offer to explain them. Most people won’t ask if they need help.

  3. If you aren’t familiar with the fights, ask. The worst that can happen is that you get kicked – don’t feel bad. This saves you a lot of time wiping on fights with players that are so shitty they can’t be arsed to explain.

  4. If no one in the group is familiar with the fights, look them up on fextralife. A lot of people are like ‘omg this hasn’t been updated in 3 years’ well GUESS WHAT. Most dungeons haven’t changed in 3 years! So the information about the mechanics is still 100% accurate. People may have developed different/better strategies for handling the mechanics over the years but the ones in this guide is still better than having no strategy at all.

  5. All combat in this game follows the same general principles. If you can follow these principles you will be successful (after a few (a lot) of wipes and learning the timing/mechanics) no matter what.

  1. Kill things before they kill you. This seems pretty obvious but what this is really about is add management. Some adds disappear when the fight ends, others don’t and have to be killed. But either way in most fights killing adds and then refocusing on the boss is a good strategy (exceptions include City of Ash 2, where you don’t want to bother with adds at all and it’s more about killing the boss before the adds kill you). Sometimes killing adds is absolutely the most important thing about the fight like Molag Kena.
  2. Pay attention to cues. If the boss or NPCs says something, it usually means they’re about to do a mechanic. Once you’ve learned which thing goes with what it makes the fight a lot easier.
  3. Going along with that, if there’s red under your feet, don’t stand in it. If there’s yellow lines, block. If there’s red lines, bash. No exceptions. Yes, not every red line attack must be bashed, but it sure as hell makes the fight a lot easier if you bash every single one, and some fights are impossible if you do not bash.
  4. Don’t stand in front of the boss unless you’re a tank. Many bosses do cleave attacks that kill squishies. No boss requires you to stand in front of it.
  5. Don’t stand behind the healer. For many fights you’re best off standing directly on the bosses’ ass, with the healer just behind you and the tank in front. This lets you all get healed and buffed most easily. Obviously this doesn’t work for every fight. But even in high movement fights… if you are behind the healer you will not get healed. If you spread out your buff uptime and therefore dps will be a lot lower.
  6. pay attention to cues. If the boss is immune or shielded don’t waste your time hitting it. Figure out what else is going on in the room and deal with that first! If you’re always dying to one thing 99% of the time there is a way to deal with that thing that you just haven’t figured out yet. (It can be as simple as blocking/roll dodging at a particular cue or as complex as carrying torches around etc.) Always watch the whole room! Do not laser in on the boss.

What should my build be/what content should I be doing?

There’s a lot of ways to phrase this question, like

  • What should my dps be?
  • How much dps do I need to do dungeons?
  • What should I do now that I’m level 50/cp160?
  • Can I use a 2H build?
  • Can I use sword and shield on a dps?
  • Is it ok if I use a mix of magicka and stamina abilities?

And more.

But it all boils down to the same answer, which I will try to express fairly in this blog post.

What build you should use and how much dps you need to do and what cp you need to be depends on the exact content you want to tackle. Being more skilled at playing your role can allow you to tackle harder content at lower cp, but most people don’t have a good understanding of their own skill or what their role is in groups.

A related question is “Should I solo group content”. The answer is no. Unless you are already experienced with doing the content in a group, it is more trouble than it is worth. Just use the dungeon finder or zone chat. Please. No one cares how much you struggle with soloing it. It’s not meant to be soloed.

DPS requirements

Check your dps by finding a combat dummy (you absolutely have a friend with one, just ask around) and killing it. Use the same rotation you would on a boss, including if you’d use pots etc. If you are on PC you can use combat metrics to learn more about where your dps is coming from, buff uptime, etc. and to measure dps outside of a combat dummy. you must kill the dummy to get an accurate parse. Most parses are done on a 3 mil dummy for dungeons and a 6 mil dummy for trials.

  • Normal dungeons: No requirement but less than 10k is just…. how. How do you do that little. You can literally do 10k with like two abilities.
  • Vet dungeons: You can make do with 10k for most but please try to do at least 15k
  • Normal trials: No requirement although if you do at least 25k (on average per person, ofc) you can skip a lot of mechanics.
  • Vet trials: 25k per person to be successful in craglorns, more like 30k for dlc trials. 40k+ to get on the all-time leaderboards.
  • PvP: dps isn’t really a thing in PvP.

You can hit these dps requirements with 0 cp if you’re really good. However more cp will always make things easier.

In addition more cp makes you a lot more survivable. Something that always kills you at cp200 might be survivable at cp720. One-shots are always one-shots and have to be handled by respecting the mechanic, but higher cp and more dps means less time paying attention to mechanics and more time getting loot, in general. Therefore if you aren’t successful at something don’t feel like you’ll never be able to do it. Get a better group, practice more, and keep working on those cp.

Tanking Requirements

  • All content: A taunt. A self-heal. At least 30k health, the ability to block without running out of stamina, and at least 18k resists before your buffs.
  • Vet dungeons: Some vet dungeons require more like 40k health (BRF) and have more requirements for self-sustain
  • Trials: Each vet trial has unique tanking requirements depending on whether you are main or off tank. In general:
    • You should have a selection of buffing and selfish sets (Torug’s, Alkosh, Ebon, Plague Doctor, Leeching Plate, etc. depending on the content).
    • You should have warhorn
    • You should have infused crusher enchant

Healing Requirements

  • All content: A HoT and a heal over time. Combat Prayer and Springs is really all you need.
  • Vet dungeons: You should bring elemental drain for the minormagickasteal and orbs or shards for the sustain. Also bring elemental blockade with a lightning staff to knock things off balance. Some vet dungeons require purge and buff sets will always make the run better.
  • Trials: You should have a full set of spell power cure and the ability to pick at least one of (mending, jorvuld’s, infallible aether) depending on what the other healer is wearing. You also need warhorn, purge morphed to efficient purge, orbs/shards, elemental drain, and of course combat prayer and springs.

If you can hit these thresholds no one really cares what your build is

You can easily hit these thresholds if you are using a 2H weapon or bow/bow build. You cannot hit them with points evenly distributed into stamina, magicka, and health. You cannot hit them if you are using a resto staff and sword and shield with no damaging weapon.

And keep in mind even if you can hit these thresholds with an off-meta build… you could be doing so much better with a meta build. Meta builds are meta for a reason. Not because someone arbitrarily decided it’s good but because it actually mathematically and in practice performs better.

It’s ok to waste a lot of your own time by using a bad build when you could be doing more dps with a good build, as long as your build isn’t causing wipes. But is it really ok with you to waste other people’s time too?

That said keep in mind doing 20% more dps in a dungeon with 5 3-minute boss fights and a lot of running… let’s see, that’s probably around 9% more group dps, so you saved everyone… one and a half minutes. It does add up over time but it’s not the end of the world to have a worse build or be worse at dps as long as you are able to complete the content.

Solo content

  • Overland content
    • Most overland content and quests is incredibly easy. As long as you block and bash at the right times and have some kind of self-heal, you can do this with any build. However doing this with a tank-focused build or with only heals on your bars will be incredibly boring and slow, and I suggest using a dps-focused build. The better you are at dps the faster things will go.
  • Public dungeons
    • Public dungeons are the same as overland content except the bosses have more health and hit a little harder and the mobs come in larger packs. For this you need a bit more aoe-focused abilities than overland content. Again, as long as you block and bash at the right times and have self-healing you shouldn’t have trouble with this no matter how bad your dps is.
  • Veteran Maelstrom Arena
    • (normal MA is even easier than a public dungeon so no point in mentioning it).
    • vMA is the most challenging solo content in the game, as challenging as taking on any hardmode trial with a 12-man group. It requires excellent skill and awareness to do successfully. Most people do not even attempt it til cp300.

Group Content

  • Normal Dungeons
    • Level requirement: 10
    • Normal dungeons have difficulty all over the board, from City of Ash 1 that any cp720 can solo without effort to Cradle of Shadows that makes even experienced groups ragequit if they do not respect the mechanics.
    • Normal dungeons slowly unlock over time in the dungeon finder as you level up. I think that these unlock times are pretty well balanced with the dungeon’s difficulty.
    • You don’t really have to follow your “role” in a normal dungeon to be successful. For the most part as long as your group is coordinated and working together you should be ok.
    • That said if you queue as a tank, actually taunt and actually group up mobs so they don’t hit the other party members. You don’t know what level or build they are and they may not have any self-healing because they are dumb.
    • If you queue as healer, actually heal and actually do dps. Again, the other people in your group might not have any idea what’s going on.
    • If you queue as dps let your tank do the pulls. Let them practice tanking properly in a low-stress environment. Don’t run ahead. Unless you already know them and got their permission to do that of course.
    • You can literally do normals with any dps but a group dps of around 20k (10k dps from each individual) single target will make it not eye-gougingly boring.
  • Veteran Dungeons
    • Level requirement: 50
    • Veteran dungeons have difficulties all over the board. Like normal dungeons they slowly unlock with the hardest ones being unlocked at cp160 (cp300 in Summerset). However you can walk into any of them at level 50 with a premade group.
    • Veteran dungeons are always 2-4x harder than normal and the bosses sometimes have 10x as much health. Mechanics that you wouldn’t even notice on normal can oneshot you on vet.
    • Everyone should follow their role unless in a premade group that has agreed on alternate roles.
    • This means that the tank must have taunt, must have survivability. For most dungeons tanks with less than 30k health or who do not block will die. Or at least make their healers hate life.
    • The healer must be prepared with appropriate debuffs and healing abilities for their class. Depending on the group they may be able to focus less on healing and more on debuffs and doing damage.
    • The dps must be focused on doing dps. Light attack spam will not cut it. Some vets are possible with only 20k group dps (10k dps for each dedicated damage, single target) but most will only go smoothly with at least 30k group dps and some require as much as 50k (again that’s 25k dps single target per person) for a smooth run. More is always better of course.
  • Normal Trials
    • Level requirement: 10
    • Most people don’t do normal trials until cp160
    • Like dungeons there is a range of difficulty. Generally nAA < nAS < nSO < nHRC < nMoL < < nHoF .
    • Tanks and healers must have proper build to be successful.
    • you can do normal trials with 10k dps per person (80-90k group dps), but 20k is recommended.
  • Vet Trials:
    • Level requirement: cp300
    • There is a range of difficulty but in general you must always pay attention to mechanics and do good dps or you will die.
    • Tansk and healers must have proper build to be successful.
    • Each person must be doing at least 20-25k dps to be successful, 25-30k is recommended.


If you actually want to win in PvP and not fart around making everyone grumpy at you

  • Wear at least five pieces of impen gear (seven is preferred)
  • Set up your bars for PvP. Don’t use a PvE rotation. Use crowd control abilities and lots of self-healing.
  • Set up your cp correctly (for cp campaign). PvP and PvE cp are very different!

Very serious pvp groups will have complete class/ability requirements in order to ensure maximum success.

It’s always the other guy’s fault….

Not really. Group content is a group endeavor. Yeah if your healer is literally only using two spells and never sends an orb or if your dps doesn’t seem to be using any abilities other than snipe, they probably aren’t helping. However, take this as a challenge! If soloing a dungeon is a big accomplishment then doing with a group that’s working against you must be even better. Do your best to help your group learn their role.

If you aren’t up for sometimes getting a bad group or low levels don’t use the dungeon finder. Queue with like minded individuals.

If you don’t know the mechanics, ASK. No one is mind readers. Every dungeon has mechanics that you should know. It’ll be pretty obvious after the first wipe that you don’t know what is going on, so save everyone some deaths and some time and ask first.

Have a funny story ’bout a guy we picked up from zone for nAS. AS is a very mechanic intensive arena. If you respect the mechanics there is literally nothing you can die to, all damage is 100% avoidable and it’s very simple to avoid as well. If you don’t, well… you will die. A lot. Every 35 seconds or so.

We told this guy to get in discord. He didn’t need a mic. He just needed to be in voice so he could hear callouts and the fight explanation. He refused.

After his third death he said, and I quote “Is there some kind of trick to this?”

He stopped getting resses after that. Probably the most boring 10 minutes of his life.

Don’t be that guy. If you don’t have a clue what is going on, say something. Most people are happy to type mechanics at you if they know them (or ya’ll can figure it out together if no one knows, google is a great resource). If someone boots you for not knowing mechanics they just saved you a fuckton of time on wipes because they probably aren’t good enough to do that dungeon and were hoping for a carry themselves.

And again sometimes you just can’t do a thing. If you’re hitting your head against the wall for an hour it’s ok to quit, do it on normal, or come back later. Everything gets easier in this game with experience and time.

How does aggro work?

Whether you’re an MMO vet or brand new, this is a worthwhile article to read, as ESO has unique aggro mechanics. Aggro (aggression) is a term for how monsters (mobs) choose which targets to attack. Even when running solo this can be useful if you have pets or sometimes encounter other people. In groups it is essential.

Mobs will, in general, attack the first thing they see. So if you run in and the rest of your group is lagging behind, they will attack you. However there are some exceptions. If the healer heals you as you run in, they will attack the healer instead, as healing is more active than just running in. If someone else does damage before you they will hit whoever did damage instead of you. However if you run in, hit them, and then everyone else starts healing/doing damage/etc. they will stick to you.

Mobs re-assess aggro every 5-7 seconds. It’s not totally clear how they decide who to hit at this point but typically it seems to take into account whoever is hitting the hardest/healing the most combined with whoever is closer.

Taunts force the target to attack you for 15 seconds. There are three taunts in the game: Puncture and its morphs Pierce Armor and Ransack in the sword and board skill line; Inner fire and its morphs in the Undaunted skill line; and after unlocking Tri Focus in the Destruction staff line, a fully charged heavy attack with an ice staff is a taunt. There are no AOE taunts. There is no way to control aggro other than these three skills.

Overtaunting occurs when a target is taunted more than three times by at least two different people within fifteen seconds. So it is not possible for a single person to overtaunt – you can spam it if you like. However if there are two tanks, like in a trial, and they are not careful about taunting it is very easy to overtaunt. (Just takes one person taunting the wrong target by mistake – then if the other tank tries to take it back, the target is now overtaunted! If you taunt it, you tank it!). Overtaunted enemies ignore all aggro control and pick targets like an untaunted mob. They are immune to taunt for a full 15 seconds.

Because there are only single target taunts a tank cannot taunt everything. They should focus on taunting the largest enemies (largest = hits hardest) and keeping those taunted. If the tank runs in before everyone else and uses an area of effect (aoe) ability that hits all the mobs, the mobs should mostly stay on the tank. However if there is a heal over time or some other damage goes out before the tank gets to hit the enemies, the aggro won’t go to the tank to start. It’s pretty funny when the tank runs in and everything goes straight for the healer 3 rooms away because the tank had mutagen on him.

If you have aggro on you DON’T RUN LIKE A BITCH. That is the worst possible response for most cases. If it’s smaller trash monsters it won’t kill you unless you or your healer is asleep. Drag it to the tank so that it stacks up and it should die really quickly from aoe. If it’s a bigger monster still drag it to the tank so that the tank can taunt more easily. If you’re running around like a madman it’s very hard to aim taunt and the tank may not have enough magicka to cast the ranged taunt a bunch of times. Even if it’s a bigger monster it won’t kill you right away. Ward up and block if it starts heavy attacking (yellow lines), just like you would in overland.

If you run in a straight line every time something comes at you you will just make everything take longer, whether it’s overland, world bosses, or a dungeon. At least 40% of the damage against a single target (like a dummy) in this game comes from ground-placed aoe damage over time abilities. Therefore if you want things to die you need them to be grouped up and held still! Of course it is the tanks job to make this happen but especially at low levels or in more complex pulls they simply cannot control everything.

Exceptions granted if the thing chasing you is some dungeon or trial boss that light attacks for 30k, of course. Run away then. But if you can try to run in circles so that it mostly stays in the aoe.

I can only name one boss in this game that resets aggro or otherwise doesn’t follow these rules. That is the last boss of Arx Corinium. After she does her big aoe channel thing she will attack a random target and completely ignore taunt for around 10 seconds. Just be ready for this and ward up/block.

Many specific boss attacks are not at their target. Most mage bosses throw magic missiles at a random party member, for example the last boss of Direfrost Keep and Banished Cells. Spindleclutch 1 and City of Ash 2 last bosses are other examples. The boss will turn towards a random party member, throw out a hard-hitting projectile (which can be dodged or blocked) and then go back to hitting the tank. This is just part of the fight mechanics and has nothing to do with aggro.