Myths and Legends: LOOT

I hear a lot of Myths about LOOT. I hear it’s the perfect load order tool, and if you run LOOT your game will never have any bugs. I hear it’s a horrible mess, and running LOOT will turn your load order into a massive pile of sewage. I even hear that LOOT never does anything and why do people recommend it? (On that last one: Learn the difference between mods and plugins, mmkay?)

Thing is LOOT isn’t Jesus come to save us and it’s not a pile of dog poo either. It’s a massive crowdsourcing project.

Like this piece of music:

It’s not a bad song, but there’s some places where you just don’t understand why it made the decisions it made. Got caught in a loop or something.

And it’s pretty cool for something that’s totally free and all crowd sourced.


LOOT does not solve bugs. LOOT sorts plugins to the best of its ability to do so. And it reports issues, if those issues have been reported to LOOT. Right? LOOT can’t know things it doesn’t know. It’s not magic.

LOOT cannot replace your own reading on incompatibility, looking in TES5edit at mod overwrites, looking for errors, etc. If you say “I ran LOOT I don’t know why it’s buggy”, I’m going to take quick look to see if you actually ran LOOT, then tell you to go look for bugs.


LOOT does not do a bad job sorting. It does a fantastic job sorting. I know just about all there is to know about mods 😉 and I still can’t sort a load order as well as LOOT can, with all the tools available to me.

Some people claim LOOT doesn’t sort mods correctly. This is also a Myth. Because guess what? Half the time, LOOT actually DOES sort the damned thing correctly and you just think otherwise because you’re wrong, or you didn’t actually try it, or some other reason. The other half the time, it’s because LOOT didn’t know it was doing anything wrong. LOOT only knows what it knows.

You are the crowd.

Go tell it what to do on Github and quit your pointless bitching.

The above thoughts also apply to Mod Picker (which I promise is coming out Soon TM and at this point that is a Riot Soon TM and not a Blizzard one and I’m sorry).